Previous Study Group Events

2016: Race-ing Queer Music Scholarship symposium. Please click here to be directed to the project page.

2015: A Serious Effort Not to Think Straight: Suzanne G. Cusick in conversation with Emily Wilbourne

2014: New Work in LGBTQ Scholarship: 

Bradley Fulgate, "Voices Fit for Queens:  Gender, Identity, Voice, and the Drag Queen"; Sam Baltimore, "Ashmans Aladdin Archive: Queer Orientalism in the Disney Renaissance"; & Marcus Desmond Harmon, "Teaching Womyn's Music, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Alix Dobkin".

2013: How to Sound Gay: David Halperin in conversation with Ryan Dohoney

2012: Graduate Student Forum for New Research: Sarah Hankins, “Size and Shape are Appropriate, and Subject to Change”: Queer Arousal and the State of Musicology’s Search for Meaning & Jarek Paul Ervin, From “You Better Work” to “Born this Way:” Popular Music and the Gay Visibility

2011: Trans/gendering the voice: Julia Serano in conversation with Stephan Pennington

2010: Graduate Student Forum for New Research: William Cheng, “Toward an Acoustemology of the Closet: Online Gamespaces and Prosthetic Technologies of Queer Expression” & Lauron Kehrer, “Navigating Feminism and Capitalism: Lesbian Community Building and Goldenrod Music”

2009: Composer David Del Tredici in conversation with Susan McClary

2008: A Graduate Student Forum for New Research:Phillip J. Klepacki (Historical Musicology, University of Florida), “Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore: The Art Songs of David Del Tredici,”and Dirk von der Horst (Theology, Ethics and Culture, Claremont Graduate University), “Queer Musicology in the Work of Constructive Theology”

2007: Open Discussion on Pedagogical Issues, moderated by Suzanne Cusick and Judth Ann Peraino

2006: Judith Halberstam, “Keeping Time with Lesbians on Ecstasy”

2005: Byron Adams, “‘Save Me From Those Suffering Boys!’: Britten, John Ireland and the Venerable Tradition of Uranian Boy-Worship”

2004: Jessie Ann Owens and Peter J.Burkholder, “Lesbian, Gay, Musicologist: Some Personal Reflections”

2003: Sherrie Tucker, “What’s Sexuality Got to Do with It? (And Other Queer Questions in American Music Scholarship)”

2002: Mitchell Morris leading a panel discussion about GLBTQ choruses

2001: Sophie Fuller, “A Queerable History? Women Musicians in Fin-de-siècle Britain”.

2000: Ivan Raykoff, “On the Borders of Camp: Transgendered Pop Stars in Germany, Turkey and Israel”; and Shanna Lorenz, “Revisiting Tango’s Homoeroticism in the Films Happy Together and The Tango Lesson”

1999: Howard Pollack, “Some Thoughts on Gay Receptivity to Copland’s Music”

1998: Ellen Harris, “Handel as Orpheus II: The Cultural Context of a Literary Reading”

1997: Sue-Ellen Case, “Queer Performance”